Adam Brandt is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering at Stanford University. He is interested in reducing the environmental impacts of energy systems; more specifically, the study of greenhouse gas emissions from fossil energy sources. This is important because fossil energy sources will continue to be key components of our energy system for decades to come. Brandt’s main research interest is life-cycle analysis of the efficiency and environmental impacts of transportation fuels with the focus on the impacts of substitutes for conventional petroleum. Most recently, this has resulted in research on oil shale, which is a low-quality hydrocarbon resource. Another research topic is mathematical modeling of energy resources and resource depletion; specifically, methods of modeling oil depletion and transitions to oil substitutes. The motivator for this research is the likelihood that conventional fuels may soon be unable to meet growing fuel demand from developing economies.  A new research focus at Stanford will be the design and optimization of carbon capture and storage systems.

September 12, 2011
Adam Brandt