About Us

The Stanford Energy Club is designed to be the central hub connecting the energy subcommunities at Stanford University. For a student searching for energy related events on campus, a local researcher looking for resources at Stanford, or an organization searching for a way to promote and publicize an event — our goal is for Stanford Energy Club to be the first place to turn to in order to locate and promote energy events and resources.
We work to fulfill our mission by both providing venues for interaction to occur, as well as supporting and empowering others, both on campus and off, who are bringing the energy community together.

Please see the links below to learn more about our teams, our events, and the other resources available on our website:

  • Meet the SEC executive board and learn about our teams
  • Learn more about SEC events and also visit our energy calendar for the complete list of lectures, panels, and energy social events both at Stanford and around the Bay Area.
  • Learn about the energy related academic and research centers on campus
  • Find energy jobs/internships via our job board
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We woud love to hear from you.  Send us comments, feedback, ideas, or just a friendly note.
You can reach us at energyclubcontacts@lists.stanford.edu