Cleantech Accelerator Fair

Do you have a business idea that can change the renewable energy or energy efficiency industry? Are you currently working in research that has the potential to be the next start-up company? Have you always wanted to contribute to the start-up space with your engineering skills and passion for a better world?

For those of you who unable to attend our first annual Cleantean Accelerator Fair, fear not. Below is a summary of the accelerators, competitions, and resources available to you as you embark on your journey to become a cleantech energy entrepreneur.


cleantech open



Clean Tech Open is the world’s largest accelerator for clean technology start-ups. With over 800 alumni and $800 million in funding, the accelerator is accepting applications in 8 different categories, ranging from advanced materials to building efficiency. The acceletor program will help guide your team to success by providing training, mentorship from serial entrepreneurs and industry experts, access to capital, and showcasing opportunities for your idea. Applications are now open.

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FLoW (First Look Out West) is the western arm of the National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition, sponsored by the Department of Energy. Now in its third year, FLoW have developed connections with over 100 expert mentors in various industries and is able to attract energy-based VC’s and industry experts to sit on its panel of judges, with familiar names such as Khosla Ventures, Dow, and Intel. There are two tracks student teams can apply to – transformational idea and ready-to-commercialize.  Successful alumni Building Robotics have raised over $1 milion from Google Ventures and Dragonfly have been featured on Forbes and gone on to win other competitions. Applications are due March 3rd.

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StartX is an educational non-profit incubator affiliated with Stanford University who encourages clean technologies and energy start-ups, amongst their many ventures. The accelerator program takes advantage of the strong network of mentor and investors to provide dedicated Stanford entrepreneurs with the necessary resources to pursue their ideas.

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TomKat center focuses on the challenges facing various energy field such as generation, conversion, transmission,Q&A
distribution, and storage. The center offers education-based grants under the Innovation Transfer Program. The program aims to bridge the gap between your idea and your next VC meeting; by providing financial resources for prototyping, running trials, and market research, as well as support from mentors and faculty sponsors. TomKat sponsors 3 to 5 projects per year, for a duration of 6 to 12 months. Applications are on rolling basis but grant is limited.

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Most of these accelerators accept student teams with ideas in all stages; every incubator looks for teams with well-researched solid ideas – not necessary ones that have been prototyped – and well-defined organizational roles. TomKat may be the only exception as the center seeks out ideas that are near or at prototyping stage, to satisfy its goal of transferring the technology to commercialization. Overall, there is strong emphasis on mentorship and every incubator is interested in seeing the passion, versatility, and willingness to learn from team members.





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