Precourt Institute for Energy

The Precourt Institute for Energy (PIE) has been established as a new independent institute at Stanford that engages in a broad-ranging, interdisciplinary program of research and education on energy, applying fundamental research to the problem of supplying energy in environmentally and economically acceptable ways, using it efficiently, and facing the behavioral, social, and policy challenges of creating new energy systems for the U.S. and the world.

The Precourt Institute for Energy includes:

  • Precourt Energy Efficiency Center (PEEC)
  • Global Climate and Energy Project (GCEP)
  • TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy

It also works closely with:

  • Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Science (SIMES) in the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
  • Program on Energy and Sustainable Development (PESD) in the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

For more information on the rationale for the Precourt Institute and the areas of research, visit