Stanford Energy Journal – Issue 3: Grid Storage

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June 2013
Informing the transition to low-carbon energy systems through energy systems analysis of energy storage for the power grid
Post-doctoral scholars Charles Barnhart and Mik Dale assess the extent to which the energy storage industry will help us transition to a low-carbon economy.
Charles Barnhart & Mik dale
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The Emerging Regulatory and Policy Landscape for Grid-Scale Electric Energy Storage
The wide expansion of utility-scale energy storage will involve a variety of policy and regulatory decisions. Stanford student Hunter Ellis takes a look forward at how this landscape will affect the industry.
Hunter ellis
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Compressed Air Energy Storage
Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of Sail Energy Danielle Fong discusses new innovations within the compressed air energy storage industry which dramatically improve efficiencies.
Danielle fong
Batteries – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Professor Emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering Robert Huggins discusses the past, present, and future of the most common and well-known energy storage device – the battery.
Robert A. Huggins
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Deploying battery storage in commercial buildings: opportunities and challenges
Buildings consume 41 percent of the total energy and 70 percent of the electricity in the US, meaning there is ample room for demand optimization using energy storage.
Kavousian, ho, win & yip
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Transportation’s Battery Bottleneck: Context, Challenges, and Path Forward
Stanford Alum Kevin Hettrich describes the numerous advantages of electric vehicle transportation, as well as drawbacks which have prevented widespread penetration in the markets.
Kevin hettrich
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An Energy Storage Transformation in Germany?
The need and viability of energy storage varies from place to place. How can the PV-saturated nation of Germany benefit from widescale energy storage?
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