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Emerging Technologies for the Future Automobile

26 January 2014 | Issue 4

By Santiago Miret For a printable version of the article, click here. Every day, the United States burns over 13 million barrels of oil to maintain its vast transportation system, with ~8.8 million barrels of that used for personal cars. America’s reliance on oil has many hidden implications to health, domestic and foreign policy, climate […]

A Path Towards More Sustainable Personal Mobility

26 January 2014 | Issue 4

By Sven Beiker For a printable version of this article, click here. In the United States, light duty vehicles travel about three trillion passenger miles every year. That means that annually we collectively travel a distance more than thirty thousand times the distance from the Earth to the Sun! While we appreciate the convenience of […]


Join the SEC for a drive into the future of transportation!

6 November 2013 | News

Join the SEC next Wednesday (11/13) from 6:00 to 7:30 PM in Room C106 at the GSB to learn about the revolution occurring in the transportation industry from the industry, policy and research leaders that are driving it.