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Fracking requires miles of pipe and dozens of pumps and generators.

The Untold Story of the Frac Hand

26 November 2012 | Issue 2

Stanford student Luis Rodriguez provides a look into the high-stress, action-packed life of the frac crew, the team behind the extraction process of natural gas fracking.

Much of Iran's natural gas is "sour".

The Global Sour Gas Problem

26 November 2012 | Issue 2

Much like there are different grades of crude oil, there are different grades of natural gas. Stanford Ph.D. student Da Huo discusses the phenomenon of “sour gas”, natural gas mixed with impurities that are difficult to remove.

India, too, is making the switch from oil to natural gas.

Political Economy of Natural Gas Market in India

26 November 2012 | Issue 2

Natural gas has the potential to be the transition fuel to a low carbon development path for India. Nikit Abyankar discusses how the resource entered India’s energy portfolio, and the role it may play in the future.

While there are extremes on both sides of the debate, more moderate schools of thought regarding fracking do exist.

Hydraulic Fracturing, Air Pollution, and the Need to Federally Regulate the Natural Gas Industry

26 November 2012 | Issue 2

Due to both economic and environmental consequences of natural gas production and consumption, many are calling for the industry to be more heavily regulated.