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What it means to collaborate with Stanford Engineering

Collaboration and a spirit of innovation are deeply woven into our culture. Technology transfer is core to our mission. It’s one way we make a difference. And it makes us different, too.

Stanford and Silicon Valley grew up together, one influencing and shaping the other. The same close relationships with our affiliates continue here today —nurturing  a collaborative community, the free flow of information, and an environment organized for research and transformative innovation.

Our people, our entrepreneurial tradition, and our relationships with industry, government, and our own schools of medicine, business, and the sciences, make us uniquely qualified to support the broad interests of our affiliates.

Industry Collaborations

Help advance research in areas of interest to your company and recruit top talent.

Support a faculty member or student, sponsor research, join an affiliate program and more. Find out about the many ways companies affiliate with Stanford Engineering.

Foundation Collaborations

Leverage our people and knowledge to help make the world a better place.

Our transformative research, proven success working across disciplines, and world-class faculty and students are some of the reasons foundations collaborate with us. Recent examples of how foundations have invested shared visions with Stanford Engineering include: 

Government Collaborations

Work with us to advance basic and applied research that benefits society.

Stanford Engineering has a long history of working with government on projects ranging from laying the foundation for data traffic on the Internet to developing autonomous cars to driving down the cost of solar energy. Recent examples include:

Thought Leader / Alumni Collaborations

Make an impact on the future.

When you can and want to make a huge difference, we make a great affiliate. Teach a course, mentor a student, share your expertise, recruit students, volunteer. Bring together the brightest people, provide a creative atmosphere and top-notch infrastructure, and who knows what will happen?  Some examples: