How to Make Your Gift

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Thank you for considering a gift to Stanford Engineering. Below is information about the various ways you may make your gift, as well as answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Our online giving tool allows you to make a gift or pledge payment by credit card, wire transfer, or a gift of securities.

To make a gift or pledge payment by credit card please call 866-543-0243 or 650-724-0627.

Please complete our gift remit form [PDF] and mail to the following address:

Stanford University
Gift Processing
PO Box 20466
Stanford, CA 94309-0466

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make recurring credit card gifts?

Yes. Stanford accepts recurring credit card gifts in any amount and on whatever schedule is convenient for you. Recurring credit card gifts can enable you to make a more significant gift than you might otherwise be able to afford at one time. You can set up your recurring gift using the online giving tool by selecting “Recurring Gift” in the “Type of Gift” drop-down menu on the first page of the giving form.

If you prefer, you can set up a recurring gift by calling us at 866-543-0243 or 650-724-0627.

How do I make a pledge?

Select “Pledge” in the “Type of Gift” drop-down menu on the first page of the online giving tool or call 866-543-0243 or 650-724-0627.

Can I make a gift via electronic funds transfer (EFT)?

Yes. Stanford is able to accept electronic funds transfer payments. Download and return a copy of our electronic funds transfer form [PDF]

What are the tax benefits of making a gift to Stanford?

All gifts to Stanford are tax deductible in the United States.

Bequests and life income gifts may offer significant tax savings (see Planned Giving for more information).

What is Stanford's federal tax ID number?

The tax ID number is 94-1156365.

How can I find out if my company will match my gift to Stanford?

To find out if your company is among those participating in a gift-matching program, consult the online database of matching companies . You can also ask your human resources department for information about your company's gift-matching policy.

What are the benefits of giving securities to Stanford?

If you have securities that have appreciated in value, giving them to Stanford allows you to avoid capital gains taxes while also receiving a tax deduction for your gift.

For questions on giving securities to Stanford, please contact Gift Securities at 650-721-1917, or e-mail

How do I make a gift of securities to Stanford?

To transfer securities to Stanford, you may use our online giving tool to start the process.

Select “security transfer” as your method of payment to create a letter that you can sign and send to your broker as a letter of authorization.

If you prefer not to use our online giving tool to notify us of your intent to make a gift of securities, you may also download a copy of our securities transfer form [PDF]

IMPORTANT: Be sure to send a copy of this form to our Gift Securities team by e-mail to or fax 650-721-2417 to help ensure your gift is promptly recognized and properly acknowledged once received.

For information on how to make a gift of securities held in certificate form or held by a transfer agent please contact the Gift Securities Team at 650-721-1917 or

If you would like to give a restricted stock, a foreign or private equity, a mutual fund, or a bond, please contact Victoria Von Schell at the Stanford Management Company directly, as they require special handling. Victoria can be reached at 650-721-1659, or e-mail

Please note these instructions apply only to U.S. exchange-listed equities.