Emergency Information

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Emergency fire / police / medical aid

  • Cell phone: 911
  • Campus phone: 9-911
  • Campus phone at School of Medicine:  286

Hazardous materials incident

  • Environmental Health & Safety: 650-725-9999

Up-to-date information about an emergency


  • Sexual assault help: 650-725-9955
  • General help center: 650-723-4577 

Non-emergency situations

  • SoE Facilities Operations (business hours for maintenance issues): 650-996-0531
  • After-hours Campus Facilities Operations (24/7 for lock-outs, leaks, etc.): 650-723-2281
  • Network Support (no internet) Stanford Help Request System

Emergency Assembly Points

Occupants of evacuated buildings are to report to an Emergency Assembly Point (EAP), identified by a encircled triangle. 

Quick Action Sheets

To prepre for the most common emergencies,  review the simple steps outlined on the quick action sheets posted below: