Research Experience for Undergraduates

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Stanford's School of Engineering is home to amazing researchers and research. As an undergraduate, you can be a part of it through the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. REU gives undergraduates the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research guided by Stanford faculty. Professors are excited to work with bright, enthusiastic undergraduates. If you are interested, look below to learn more.

For general advice on how to get involved in research at Stanford, take a look at this helpful guide: Stanford Undergraduate Advising and Research (UAR) Guide

"I believe that there is no better way to explore your major than by doing research with a faculty member in your department. I was extraordinarily lucky to have received an REU grant the summer before my sophomore year. Not only did I get to meet graduate students and other undergraduates in my major who shared valuable insights into what being a chemical engineer was like, but I was also exposed to cutting-edge research and laboratory techniques, to which I otherwise would not have gotten hands-on experience."

- Milena Gonzalez, Chemical Engineering

"I am a senior, majoring in Bioengineering, who has worked in multiple research labs and held one internship in industry over the past 3.5 years. Performing academic research at Stanford allowed me to develop technical skills relevant for graduate studies and the workforce. It also provided me the scientific mindset that emphasizes constant questioning. Those skills and attitude proved useful in my classes and when I obtained an internship developing a cochlear implant (hearing device for the profoundly deaf)."

- Meghan Bowler, Bioengineering

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I've never had any research experience before. Is the REU program really a possibility?

Everyone starting research has that question, so do not be deterred. Around 200 students are part of the program each summer. If you are eager and ready to learn you will almost certainly succeed. Be persistent.

I missed the deadline for applying to my department's summer research program. Can I still get involved in research?

Try contacting a particular professor in the department that you would like to work with, and ask if he or she still has openings for undergraduates. The number of positions, however, is limited.

What is the stipend?

For the most part, a summer research program will provide a full-time stipend of up to $6000 for the 10-week summer session.