EV Mailing Lists

Each EV neighborhood has three mailing lists:

Resident List
This list is used by your neighborhood's CAs to send information about events and other important information that affects your neighborhood. Residents cannot send messages to these lists.
Chat List
Any member of your neighborhood can send messages to the chat list about any topic. Lost your keys? Need a hammer, or a pinch of salt? Selling tickets to the game? Use the chat list!
CA List
This list can be used to send a message to all of your neighborhood's CAs at once. If you need to ask a question but aren't sure which CA to ask, this is the fastest way to reach them all. That said, you're always welcome to contact your CAs individually!

You are automatically subscribed to your neighborhood's resident and chat lists when you move in. If for any reason you would like to unsubscribe from these lists, please follow the instructions here.

Mailing Lists by Neighborhood

All lists are @lists.stanford.edu

Neighborhood Resident List Chat List CA List
Area 51 ev-area-51 ev-area-51-chat ev-area-51-ca
Woods ev-woods-list ev-woods-chat ev-woods-ca
Meadows ev-meadows ev-meadows-chat ev-meadows-ca
Oasis ev-oasis-list ev-oasis-chat ev-oasis-ca
Studio 1 ev-studio-1 ev-studio-1-chat ev-studio-1-ca
Studio 2 ev-studio-2 ev-studio-2-chat ev-studio-2-ca
Studio 3 ev-studios-34 ev-studios-34-chat ev-studios-34-ca
Studio 4 ev-studios-34 ev-studios-34-chat ev-studios-34-ca
Studio 5 ev-studios-56 ev-studios56-chat ev-studios-56-ca
Studio 6 ev-studios-56 ev-studios56-chat ev-studios-56-ca
Abrams ev-abrams-list ev-abrams-chat ev-abrams-ca
Barnes ev-barnes ev-barnes-chat ev-barnes-ca
Blackwelder ev-blackwelder ev-blackwelder-chat ev-blackwelder-ca
Hoskins ev-hoskins ev-hoskins-chat ev-hoskins-ca
Hulme ev-hulme ev-hulme-chat ev-hulme-ca
McFarland ev-mcfarland ev-mcfarland-chat ev-mcfarland-ca
Quillen ev-quillen ev-quillen-chat ev-quillen-ca
The Strand ev-stranded ev-stranded-chat ev-stranded-ca

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