Scientific Computing for Movies, Video Games and Virtual Surgery, Prof. Joseph M. Teran

Distinguished Alumni Scholars Lecture

Prof. Teran will talk about some exciting new applications of scientific computing for solid and fluid mechanics problems including the simulation of virtual materials for movie special effects, video game effects and virtual surgery.  These new applications all have an increasing demand for physically realistic dynamics of materials like water, smoke, fire, brittle objects, elastic objects, etc. All of these effects are needed for creating more realistic virtual environments. The computational demands arising in these applications are somewhat different than those traditionally considered by scientific computing researchers and many new algorithms are needed to address them. He will discuss these new scientific computing challenges as well as some recent algorithms developed in his lab to address them. Virtual surgery is a particularly exciting application area. A virtual surgery simulator is like a flight simulator for training surgeons (and would-be surgeons) in modern procedures. He will discuss procedures related to repair and manipulation of soft-tissues. Other topics discussed will include GPU and manycore algorithms for real-time solution of nonlinear elliptic equations arising in elasticity problems and in incompressible flow, cut-cell methods for higher-order accuracy on structured grids and contact algorithms for thin structures.

Thursday, May 31, 2012. 4:15 PM.
Approximate duration of 1.0 hour(s).
Hewlett Teaching Center, Room 201 (Map)
Lecture / Reading
Computer Science Department

open to Stanford faculty, students and staff