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John C Corbally

John C Corbally corbally
Personal bio
John Corbally embarked upon an academic career after working in the corporate world and on construction sites. Following a B.A. in European History and an M.A. in World History at San Francisco State University, he completed his PhD at UC Davis in four years. In "Shades of Difference: Irish, Caribbean, and South Asian Immigration to the Heart of Empire, 1948-1971," John compares the experiences of migrants from three very different parts of the world, analyzing their role in both destabilizing and perpetuating racial and imperial hierarchies in post-World War Two Britain. As well as teaching humanities courses at Stanford, John has taught British, Irish, European, and World History at UC Berkeley, UC Davis and Mills College amongst others. Aside from turning his dissertation into a monograph, he is presently co-authoring a 30-chapter World History textbook for Oxford University Press, entitled Weaving the Human Tapestry. When he's not thinking about history, John coaches and plays soccer, teaches and plays piano, and attempts to make sounds on the guitar.

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