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David W. Beach (Professor)

David W. Beach (650) 723-3917
Personal bio
Dave Beach co-directs the Product Realization Laboratory which provides 950 students annually with hands on experiences in product definition, conceptual design, detail design, and prototype creation. The PRL offers courses, coaches, mentors and tools in support of integrated product creation. Pedagogically, Beach believes that creation of experience from which students (and teams of students) can interpret and internalize their own conclusions provides an excellent complement to content based teaching. His goal is to add strength in tacit knowledge which derives from the hands-on synthesis of design, prototype building, presentation and criticism.. The resulting judgment and instinct regarding materials, devices, materials transformation processes, and design process complement classical analytical engineering education to create superior engineers. Beach teaches or co-teaches: ME203: Manufacturing and Design ME206: Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability ME219: The Magic of Materials & Manufacturing ME314: Good Products, Bad Products ME324: Precision Engineering (with Professor Dan DeBra) ME399: Special Projects in Product Development The PRL has engendered many new companies which design, manufacture and distribute products in diverse domains including: Alternative Energy Systems, Automated Genomics Laboratory Equipment, Haptic Devices, Medical Devices, Sporting Goods, Transportation Products, and Underwater Imaging Equipment. Academic Honors & Awards Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1995 Bing Undergraduate Teaching Fellow, 1997 - 1999 Bass Undergraduate Teaching Fellow, 2005 â?? 2009 Dean's Award for Industry Education Innovation, 2006 Bass Undergraduate Teaching Fellow, reappointed 2010 - 2015

Currently teaching
ME 181: Deliverables: A Mechanical Engineering Design Practicum (Autumn, Spring)
ME 203: Design and Manufacturing (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
ME 206A: Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability (Winter)
ME 206B: Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability (Spring)
ME 214: Good Products, Bad Products (Winter)
ME 219: The Magic of Materials and Manufacturing (Autumn)
ME 314: Good Products, Bad Products (Winter)
ME 324: Precision Engineering (Spring)
OIT 333: Design for Extreme Affordability (Winter)
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