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Estelle Halevi

Estelle Halevi estelle.halevi
Currently teaching
OSPPARIS 104A: French Lecture Series 2 (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
OSPPARIS 10A: Engineering Research Internship (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 10B: Biology and Bio-Engineering Research Internship (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 10D: Climate Change Research Internship (Winter)
OSPPARIS 10F: Journalism Internship (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 10G: Oceanography Research Internship (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 11: Special Internship (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 12: Paris Photography Workshop (Winter)
OSPPARIS 124P: Advanced French I (Autumn)
OSPPARIS 125P: Advanced French II (Winter)
OSPPARIS 12C: French Through Songs Workshop (Autumn)
OSPPARIS 14: Media Internship (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 15: Hospital Internship (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 153X: Health Systems and Health Insurance: France and the U.S., a Comparison across Space and Time (Autumn)
OSPPARIS 16A: French Schooling Internship (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 186F: Contemporary African Literature in French (Winter)
OSPPARIS 19: Arranged Internship 1 (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 198A: International Design and Construction Project (Winter)
OSPPARIS 1P: Accelerated First-Year French, Part 1 (Winter)
OSPPARIS 22P: Intermediate French I (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 23P: Intermediate French II (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 24: Introduction to French Society (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 2P: Accelerated First-Year French, Part 2 (Winter)
OSPPARIS 30: The Avant Garde in France through Literature, Art, and Theater (Autumn)
OSPPARIS 32: French Politics in Cross-National Perspective (Autumn)
OSPPARIS 36: French Writing Workshop (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 41: EAP: Perspective, Volume, and Design (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 41E: EAP: Sculpture (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 42: EAP: Drawing with Live Models (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 43: EAP: Painting and Use of Color (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 44: EAP: Analytical Drawing and Graphic Art (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 44E: EAP: Computer Art (Autumn, Winter)
OSPPARIS 54: The Artist's World: The Workshop, Patronage and Public in 19th and 20th Century France (Winter)
OSPPARIS 72: The Ceilings of Paris (Autumn)
OSPPARIS 81: France During the Second World War: Between History and Memory (Winter)
OSPPARIS 86: Measuring Well-Being and Sustainability in Today's World (Winter)
OSPPARIS 88: Principles of Biochemistry (Winter)
OSPPARIS 91: Globalization and Its Effect on France and the European Union (Autumn)
OSPPARIS 92: Building Paris: Its History, Architecture, and Urban Design (Spring)
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