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Geoffrey Christopher Tyack

Geoffrey Christopher Tyack geoffrey.tyack
Currently teaching
OSPOXFRD 117W: Gender and Social Change in Modern Britain (Winter)
OSPOXFRD 15: British Architecture and the Renaissance: 1500-1850 (Autumn)
OSPOXFRD 17: Novels of Sensation: Gothic, Detective Story, Prohibition, and Transgression in Victorian Fiction (Autumn)
OSPOXFRD 18: Making Public Policy: An Introduction to Political Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Winter)
OSPOXFRD 221Y: Art and Society in Britain (Winter)
OSPOXFRD 24: British and American Constitutional Systems in Comparative Perspective (Autumn)
OSPOXFRD 45: British Economic Policy since World War II (Autumn)
OSPOXFRD 57: The Rise of the Woman Writer 1660-1860 (Winter)
OSPOXFRD 70: The History of London (Spring)
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