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Joshua Levi Ian Gentzke

Joshua Levi Ian Gentzke jgentzke
Personal bio
Joshua holds a joint BA in Religious Studies and Philosophy from SUNY at Buffalo (2005) and a research MA in Religious Studies from the University of Amsterdam (2008). In 2006, he was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to the Netherlands to conduct research on the history of Hermetic thought and Western Esotericism. He has also received the Dutch HSP Huygens (2006-2008), the Stanford University/Free University Berlin Graduate Exchange Fellowship (2012-2013), and the Mellon Foundation Dissertation Fellowship Award (2014-2015). Currently, Joshua is a Ph.D. Candidate (ABD, 2016) in Modern Religious Thought, Ethics, and Philosophy, writing his dissertation on the early modern mystic, Jacob Böhme (1575-1624). Joshua’s research, teaching, and publications focus on the intersections between marginalized religious discourses, such as western esotericism and mysticism, and the continental philosophical tradition, with a particular interest in embodiment, notions of selfhood, and the creative imagination. Alongside his academic pursuits Joshua is a musician who has recorded and internationally released multiple albums and performed across North America, Europe, and Russia.

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