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Andrzej Skrzypacz (Professor)

Andrzej Skrzypacz (650) 736-0987
Currently teaching
MGTECON 602: Auctions, Bargaining, and Pricing (Spring)
ECON 139D: Directed Reading (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer)
ECON 199D: Honors Thesis Research (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
ECON 239D: Directed Reading (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer)
ECON 299: Practical Training (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer)
GSBGEN 199: Curricular Practical Training for PhD Students (Autumn)
GSBGEN 390: Individual Research (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
MGTECON 691: PhD Directed Reading (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
MGTECON 692: PhD Dissertation Research (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
MGTECON 698: Doctoral Practicum in Teaching (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
MGTECON 699: Doctoral Practicum in Research (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
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