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Sharon Long (Professor)

Sharon Long (650) 723-3153
Personal bio
I received my Bachelorâ??s degree from the California Institute of Technology, and carried out my Ph.D. studies at Yale University, studying plant development with Ian Sussex. As a postdoctoral fellow I trained with Fred Ausubel at Harvard. I joined the Stanford faculty in 1982 and have been here ever since! Along with my Stanford faculty work, I was appointed an Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute from 1994 to 2001, stepping out of that position to serve Stanford as Dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences from 2001-2007. I have been back to regular faculty research and teaching since autumn 2007. My lab group and I employ a spectrum of approaches, including microbial and plant molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics to study the symbiosis of Rhizobium bacteria and plant hosts. We are especially interested in the signals and signal transduction pathways used by nitrogen-fixing bacteria and plants, addressing questions relevant to agricultural productivity and to energy conservation.

Currently teaching
BIO 178: Microbiology Literature (Winter)
BIO 278: Microbiology Literature (Winter)
BIO 342: Plant Biology Seminar (Autumn)
BIO 346: Advanced Seminar on Prokaryotic Molecular Biology (Autumn, Winter)
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