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The Center for Teaching and Learning is now part of the newly established office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning. Additional information is also available at the Teaching Cmmons web site. This organizational change will soon be reflected in this Bulletin, and this legacy section will remain in place until that change has been made.

Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning is a University-wide resource whose vision is that everyone at Stanford will know how learning works and will translate that knowledge into research-based, daily practice and public dialog. The Center supports faculty, lecturers, teaching assistants, and students with courses and other resources designed to enhance teaching excellence and/or learning skills while also providing a source of motivation, inspiration, and guided self-reflective growth.

CTL Resources for Teaching

CTL provides the Stanford community with services and resources on effective teaching. The center's goals are to:

  • engender and disseminate knowledge and understanding of the newest research on student learning
  • network and support instructors seeking to share ideas and community around teaching
  • stimulate faculty involvement in the scholarship of teaching and learning
  • identify and involve successful faculty, lecturers, and TAs who are willing to share their talents with others
  • provide those who are seeking to improve their teaching with the means to do so
  • acquaint the Stanford community with important innovations and new technologies for teaching
  • prepare new faculty and TAs for their responsibilities
  • contribute to the professional development of teaching assistants
  • expand awareness of the role of teaching at research universities
  • increase the rewards for superior teaching.

Resources available to faculty, lecturers, and TAs include: classroom observation and video recording, microteaching (simulated practice teaching), and consultation; small group and other forms of mid-quarter evaluation; workshops, lectures, and teaching orientations; online teaching resources, and a library of teaching materials. CTL works with individuals, groups, and departments on their specific needs, including support of teaching events, retreats, and the design of effective TA training programs.

All these resources and more are available at

For questions or requests, email

CTL Resources for Learning

CTL provides academic coaching for graduate students and undergraduates who want to enhance their study approaches and learning strategies. Through courses, individual counseling, and workshops, CTL helps students build skills that are the foundation for continual improvement and lifelong learning. Students benefit from developing and applying individually crafted strategies that build on their existing strengths. Time management, test preparation, note taking, reading comprehension and retention, and procrastination are common topics for discussion. For more information, visit Academic Skills Coaching.

Free tutoring is available to undergraduates in many subjects; see for details on where and when tutors can be found, what to expect, and how to apply to work as a tutor.

Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Director: Robyn Wright Dunbar

Senior Associate Director:Vera Safa Michalchik

Associate Directors: Jennifer Randall Crosby, Mariatte Denman, Adina Glickman

Directors of Community Engaged Learning: Suzanne Gaulocher, Luke Terra, Sarah Truebe

Assistant Director: Tim Randazzo

Faculty Fellows: Sarah Billington, Michele Elam

Faculty Advisers: Robert Calfee, Tom Ehrlich, Sheri Sheppard, Lee Shulman