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Phone: (650) 723-4463
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Office: New York Office: 915 Broadway, New York, NY 10010
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Stanford in New York presents students with distinctive opportunities for engagement within one of the world's most dynamic cities. Through an intensive academic quarter of study, reflective practice, and experiential learning in New York, students hone their intellectual skills and capacities, develop their abilities as adaptive learners, and enlarge their creative confidence.

Stanford in New York features guided internships in fields such as the arts, urban studies, media, and finance for which New York offers unparalleled opportunities. Through supportive mentoring, participants translate their academic knowledge and skills into potential career paths.

The program will be offered during the following quarters:

  • Autumn 2015-16
  • Autumn and Winter 2016-17
  • Autumn, Winter, and Spring 2017-18.

Areas of study for both coursework and internships are organized by quarter.

  • Autumn Quarter focus: The Arts, Architecture, Design, and Urban studies
  • Winter Quarter focus: Finance and Media
  • Spring Quarter: To be determined.

Program Director: Rosina Miller

Faculty-in-Residence: Doug McAdam

Program Faculty: Arthur Cohen, Scott Francisco, Danielle Jackson, Julie Orringer