Check Your Application Status – To Do List

As an admitted student you can monitor your application status by reviewing your "To Dos" on the AXESS home page. If you have any outstanding items you must submit the requested information to complete the application process.

View Your Award

AXESS is Stanford's primary website for you to conduct University business, such as:

  • manage your course enrollment
  • keep your contact information current
  • review your University bill
  • view financial aid information

You are notified by email each time a new financial aid award is available for you. You can view your award or any changes in AXESS , where you can also print and share an electronic version of your award letter. During the month of April, newly admitted freshmen can also view and print a Financial Aid Shopping Sheet to facilitate comparisons of aid awards from different schools. In the Quick Links section, click on "View Award Letters." Below the link for your award letter, you will see a blue link for "Financial Aid Shopping Sheet." We recommend that you print the Shopping Sheet from the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser for best results. Admitted transfer students can access the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet between May 15 and June 1.

VIDEO: How to View Your Award Letter in AXESS

One of our Financial Aid Counselors walks you through the steps to view your award letter in your student account.

Accept Your Financial Aid

  • You do not need to formally accept any scholarship or grants offered to you. These funds will automatically be credited to your university bill as listed on your award letter.
  • If you choose to work during the academic year, you may look for employment through Stanford's BEAM: Bridging Education, Ambition & Meaningful work website.
  • If you choose to borrow, you may accept any loans offered to you in AXESS.
VIDEO: How to Accept Your Loans in AXESS

Learn how to accept or decline your loan eligibility and complete online counseling and promissory note requirements.

Monitor Your Outside Scholarships

You can monitor the status of your outside scholarships in AXESS. You can review what outside scholarships you have been awarded, and when each check is received by the University.

VIDEO: How to Report Outside Awards in AXESS

Learn how to report outside scholarships and to confirm the status of scholarship checks.

View Your Charges, Payments and Refunds

You can review your university bill in AXESS in order to track charges to your student account, credited payments, pending financial aid, and the status of refunds.

Updated on February 3, 2016 8:45 AM