Special Circumstances

Study Abroad / Away

Stanford Programs (Autumn/Winter/Spring)

If you are accepted into one of Stanford's Overseas Studies programs, the Stanford In Washington program, or the Stanford In New York program, our office will automatically revise your financial aid award. You do not need to notify our office of your acceptance into these programs; we obtain this information directly from Bing Overseas Studies and the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education. Your student budget will be increased by a standard amount for travel costs, and if you receive Stanford scholarship you will automatically be considered for a one-time grant and loans to help with your extra costs.

Stanford Programs (Summer)

If you are attending a Stanford Overseas Seminar, some financial assistance towards the $600 seminar fee may be available from the Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP) for students with demonstrated financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Office. Students who are eligible for this fee waiver will be notified by BOSP after they are accepted or waitlisted for a specific seminar. Students are responsible for airfare and other travel expenses. Loan funds may be available through the Financial Aid Office for eligible students

If you are accepted into one of the BOSP full-quarter summer programs (currently Santiago or Cape Town), you will be awarded separately for summer financial aid, and your student budget will include the extra travel cost for studying abroad for the quarter. You should expect to receive scholarship aid similar to the amount of support you receive during the academic year. The summer scholarship aid actually will be provided by BOSP, although FAO will determine eligibility. That quarter of enrollment will NOT count as one of your twelve quarters of eligibility for Stanford scholarship aid, although it will count as one of your maximum 18 quarters of eligibility for federal student aid funds under our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Consortia (Non-Stanford Programs)

If you choose to attend a program through another school you cannot receive any University aid during that time. However, you may arrange a consortium agreement in order to use your federal or state aid to attend a non-Stanford program. The funds that may be used under a consortium agreement are:

Federal Pell Grant Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan Federal PLUS Parent loan Cal Grant

You can initiate the consortium agreement process by submitting a completed Consortium Certification form to our office. Because the coordination between Stanford and your host-school can be a lengthy process, we recommend you submit this form eight to ten weeks prior to the beginning of your program.

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