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While the Financial Aid Office staff are not tax professionals and cannot provide tax advice, the resources below may provide information you need. We also encourage you to consult a professional tax adviser for your tax-related questions.

Stanford Student Financial Services

Internal Revenue Service

International Students

  • Tax Considerations for Non-Resident Alien Students
  • Bechtel International Center
  • IRS Information for Foreign Students

  • Notes for International Students
    • If you received scholarship over the cost of tuition and fees, you may be required to pay U.S. and California income tax.
    • Depending on your home country's tax treaty status, the University may have withheld estimated federal income taxes from your scholarship disbursements. (The FAO may have paid the withholding on your behalf.) You are encouraged to file a U.S. income tax return as you may be eligible for a refund.
    • If federal tax withholding has been paid on your behalf you will receive form 1042-S from Stanford in March reporting scholarship amounts received and taxes withheld. You will need this document to file your federal income tax return. Submit a HelpSU ticket to Payroll if you do not receive this form by March 20.
    • Stanford does not withhold state taxes on your behalf. You may be expected to file a California state tax return.

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