WCR Policy

WCR group policy

1) The limit of requested job on queue at a time is 6960 (cores-hours) based on the requested (cores)x(hours). This is based on 290 cores x 24 hours. The 290 cores are the half of cores that we can use on WCR. Thus one can submit multiple jobs (including short time and large job) on a queue at a time within the 6960 cores-hours limit. All running, waiting and holding jobs in queue are the subject of this limit.

2) If one wants to submit a larger job that need more than 6960 cores-hours, One is allowed to submit one job at a time. Also one need to wait the following hours for the next job submission after finishing the job. Thus we can share the cores. waiting hours for next submission = ((requested cores-hours)-6960)/290

3) /home/(user name) is the directory where we can use to store our codes/grid data and not a job directory. We have 421GB space at /home/. One can use /scratch/(user name) space for run.