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January 2013 - December 2013
Efforts to clean air and improve health by modifying brick manufacturing in Bangladesh


Senior Fellow
  • Professor, Medicine (CHP/PCOR)
Senior Fellow
  • Professor, Political Science
Senior Fellow
  • Associate Professor, Medicine (CHP/PCOR)
Senior Fellow
  • Professor, Economics
Dennis Grahn
Lynn Hilderman
  • Professor, Medicine
Senior Fellow, by courtesy
  • Professor, Medicine
Debashish Biswas
Emily Gurley

Bricks, an essential building material in Bangladesh, are overwhelmingly manufactured in small kilns that generate substantial air pollution, which adversely affects community health. This project explores the incentives of stakeholders in the current system, which includes brick manufacturers, brick purchasers, the Department of Environment, and farmers who sell their soil. The researchers explore strategies that might disrupt the current equilibrium that produces low priced bricks at high cost to the environment and to community health.