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Randolph W. Tritell, Director

The FTC works with competition and consumer protection agencies around the world to promote cooperation and convergence toward best practices. The FTC has built a strong network of cooperative relationships with its counterparts abroad and plays a lead role in key international organizations and networks.

In the competition area, the FTC works closely with foreign competition agencies on cases of mutual interest to promote sound and consistent analyses and outcomes. We also promote policy convergence both through bilateral relationships and international organizations. The FTC also participates in negotiating bilateral antitrust cooperation arrangements and agreements and competition chapters of U.S. Free Trade Agreements.

In the consumer protection area, the FTC works with foreign law enforcement agencies on investigations and cases that affect U.S. consumers. Through arrangements and agreements with consumer protection enforcement agencies in foreign countries, and through multilateral organizations, we engage in information sharing and investigative cooperation for law enforcement actions. We also develop policies that promote consumer choice and encourage consumer confidence in the international marketplace, with a focus on e-commerce and emerging technologies.

The FTC actively assists developing countries in their transition to market-based economies and their development of competition and consumer protection agencies. It provides advice to such agencies and, in partnership with the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice, operates a technical assistance program.

The Office of International Affairs leads and coordinates the FTC’s work in international antitrust, consumer protection, and technical assistance projects. Its Director reports directly to the Chairman, and OIA staff work closely with all of the FTC’s bureaus and offices.

The Office of International Affairs can be reached at (202) 326-2600.

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