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Green Allliance for Innovative Action


The Green Alliance for Innovative Action (GAIA) is the umbrella group for all student groups with a stake in sustainability at Stanford University. The alliance works with student group leaders, faculty, and administration to coordinate sustainability initiatives.

GAIA serves as a hub for sustainability initiatives to increase the impact of those efforts on campus by sharing ideas and resources of all groups with a vested interest in education and action in both local and global preservation. By sharing a calendar, having regular meetings, and collaborating on large events, GAIA aims to foster communication, identify large-scale challenges, and initiate a continuing campaign to raise awareness and engagement in sustainability, driven by a united effort of all groups at Stanford University with a stake in sustainability.

Vision for GAIA 2012-13

Member Groups as of November 2012

  • Stanford Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW)
  • Stanford Green Events Consulting (GEC)
  • Green Living Council (GLC)
  • Stanford GRID Alternatives
  • Stanford National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Environmental Justice Committee
  • Stanford Solar and Wind Energy Project (SWEP)
  • Stanford Energy Club (SEC)
  • Stanford Students Environmental Consulting (SSEC)
  • Students for a Sustainable Stanford (SSS)

Overview of GAIA Member Groups