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Outreach is an important part of our efforts at GCEP—to communicate the project activities and research results to a wide audience and to provide a vehicle and the technical background for an international dialogue about future energy systems with low greenhouse gas emissions. GCEP has been active in a range of outreach activities.
  • GCEP Global Outreach: GCEP co-sponsors and supports energy research events and hosts study tours from around the world. GCEP directors and energy analysts speak at international energy conferences and share their technical expertise with a number of organizations.

  • GCEP Distinguished Lecturers: We established a GCEP distinguished lecturer program to highlight significant research accomplishments. This year, three distinguished lecturers have been selected and will travel to each of our sponsor’s research centers to present their work and engage in a two-way dialogue with the in-house R&D organizations. Many of the lecturers will also give their talk at the Energy Seminars sponsored by the Precourt Institute for Energy and the Woods Institute, which are open to the entire Stanford community.

  • GCEP Distinguished Student Lecturers: In the summer of 2011, the GCEP Student Energy Lecture series was launched to allow GCEP graduate students and postdoctoral scholars the opportunity to give short presentations about their innovative clean energy research to an audience of their peers. The participants also receive valuable feedback from Stanford’s Center for Teaching and Learning. 

  • GCEP Student Activities: GCEP Student Representatives help to organize events for GCEP graduate students and postdocs to interact and learn more about the Project's energy research.

  • GCEP Sabbatical Program: GCEP has established a small program to support faculty who are interested in spending a sabbatical leave at Stanford University and GCEP. The program is designed to encourage scientists and engineers who are interested in expanding their research programs to include energy-related topics.

  • Community Information Outreach: Successfully making the transition to an energy system with low-GHG emissions will require broad awareness of the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, technology opportunities for accomplishing this, and career opportunities in the energy industry.

  • Technical Meetings: GCEP holds annual symposia, which are open to the public, to share our research results. We also host workshops, seminars, and specials events open to the energy research community throughout the year.
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