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Global Exergy and Carbon Flow Charts
The diagrams below trace the destruction of exergy in the global energy system and the corresponding flow of carbon through the subsurface, the biosphere, and the human energy system. The energy conversions that lead to the sources of anthropogenic carbon dioxide are illustrated. The numbers presented are occasionally updated as the estimates and assumptions change.
  • Spring 2009 MRS Meeting - Richard E Sassoon, Weston A Hermann, I-Chun Hsiao, Ljuba Milkovic, Aaron J Simon, Sally M Benson: Quantifying the Flow of Exergy and Carbon through the Natural and Human Systems, in Materials for Renewable Energy at the Society and Technology Nexus, edited by Reuben T. Collins (Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Volume 1170E, Warrendale, PA, 2009), 1170-R01-03.
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Flow Chart Figure 1a
Figure 1a: Global exergy flow, accumulations and destruction (continued in Figure 1b).

Flow Charts Figure 1b
Figure 1b: Global exergy flow, accumulation and destruction (continued from Figure 1a).

Flow Charts Figure 2a
Figure 2a: Global carbon flow and accumulation (continued on Figure 2b).

Flow Charts Figure 2b
Figure 2b: Global carbon flow and accumulation (continued from Figure 2a).


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