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2011-2012: A Year in Review

September 2011

Abigail Disney

Abigail Disney presented Women, War & Peace as the first of many film screenings about struggles for gender equality including The Education of Shelby Knox,Miss Representation, Eggsploitation and Blessings.

October 2011

2011-2012 Faculty Fellows

The Clayman Institute welcomed a diverse and global cohort of scholars, including Michele Elam, Olivier Nomellini Family University Fellow, Martin Luther King Jr. Centennial Professor and Director of Curriculum in the Department of English.

November 2011

Voice and Influence Program

The Voice and Influence Program aims to empower the voices of women faculty so that they have more influence at Stanford, within their disciplines and in public debate.

December 2011

Academic Careers

The Clayman Institute organized academic events including Professor Kim Weeden's "Degrees of difference: Gender segregation of US doctorates by field and program prestige" about gender segregation in the US by field and by program prestige.

January 2012

Ms. at 40 / 2012 Jing Lyman Lecture

Gloria Steinem has been at the forefront of the women’s movement. As co-founder and first editor of Ms. Magazine, she was the keynote speaker at the symposium “Ms. At 40 and the Future of Feminism”, a celebration of women’s voices in media.

February 2012

Book Discussions

In Saving San Francisco, historian Andrea Rees Davies examines how women organized disaster relief after the 1906 earthquake. The Clayman Book Talks examined the process and challenges of finding a voice and being heard.

March 2012

Spring Events

Women, the fastest growing population in prisons, are often judged as unworthy mothers. Our events examined other ways women are viewed as less than “proper mothers,” empowered unheard voices and brought light to new solutions.

April 2012

Student Engagement

Jennifer Siebel Newsom's film Miss Representation challenges the portrayal of women in the media. The Clayman Institute and several student groups organized a student essay contest and the film screening.

May 2012

Artist Salons

The Artist Salons included Tammy Rae Carland’s photographs of isolated female performers, Leslie Hill and Helen Paris’ “Curious” ensemble dramatizing issues of contemporary culture and politics, and Judith Barrington’s workshop on memoir writing.

June 2012

GDFs Featured in Gender News

Karli Cerankowski, Clayman Graduate Dissertation Fellow, studies asexuality, arbitrary sexual norms, and how they can leave many people on the margins. Her article about the Asexual Visibility and Education Network was published in Gender News.

Summer 2012

Summer Research Projects

Summer PhD student Sara Jordan-Bloch founded and directs the Acquiring Skills and Knowledge (A.S.K.) Project. Her summer workshops taught middle- and high-school girls negotiation skills.

Join us in 2012-13

Jing Lyman Lecture Featuring Sheryl Sandberg

The 2013 Jing Lyman Lecture speaker Sheryl Sandberg is a trailblazer in the COO role at Facebook. She is an advocate for gender equality in the workplace and in society, encouraging us all to work together to master the dance between work and family.