The outsourced self

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Date & Time
October 2, 2012 -
4:15pm to 5:45pm
Tresidder Memorial Union 2nd Floor, Oak West
459 Lagunita Drive
94305 Stanford , CA
California US

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The Outsourced Self: A Book Talk with Arlie Hochschild


The author of The Second Shift examines how today’s market economy has crept into virtually every aspect of our personal lives  – from child and eldercare to dating and life coaching. Hochschild’s research reveals a world where the most intuitive and emotional of human acts have become work for hire. This event is free and open to all.

This event is the first event in the Clayman Institute's 2012-13 series, Beyond the Stalled Gender Revolution:  Advancing Gender Equality in Workplaces, Families, and Society.

Drawing on hundreds of interviews and original research, Hochschild follows the incursions of the market into every stage of intimate life. From dating services that train you to be the CEO of your love life to wedding planners who create a couple's "personal narrative"; from nameologists (who help you name your child) to wantologists (who help you name your goals); from commercial surrogate farms in India to hired mourners who will scatter your loved one's ashes in the ocean of your choice—Hochschild reveals a world in which the most intuitive and emotional of human acts have become work for hire.


  • Arlie Hochschild
    • Professor Emerita, University of California, Berkeley
    Arlie Hochschild is the author of several prize-winning books and numerous articles on the balancing acts of modern two-job couples at home and at work. Her latest ideas focus on the "emotional terms of engagement" individuals develop as they increasingly outsource tasks associated with intimate life. These range from for-pay internet dating, long-distance elder care and take-out dinners to "rent-a-friends" and global...