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Graduate Dissertation Fellowships


The Clayman Institute’s Graduate Dissertation Fellowships (GDF) are awarded to outstanding Stanford doctoral students who are engaged in research on women and/or gender.  The fellowships will provide financial support for top gender scholars as they complete their dissertations, while encouraging interdisciplinary connections for their research.  Clayman GDFs will have offices at the Clayman Institute, where they will participate in the intellectual life of the Clayman Institute as well as take part in professional development workshops during the academic year.  GDFs will be contributing to the writing and research efforts of the Clayman Institute.  Fellowship funding is for three quarters:  two quarters of research assistantship and one quarter teaching assistantship.   In addition to the stipend, GDFs will receive $1,000 in research funding. Applications are accepted October 1, 2015 - February 12, 2016.

Application Deadline - February 12, 2016 9pm PST

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For questions about the graduate dissertation fellowship application, please see the Application Details.

All currently enrolled Stanford Ph.D. candidates (women and men), in any discipline, who have reached Terminal Graduate Registration (TGR) are invited to apply for a Graduate Dissertation Fellowship. The dissertation research must focus on issues of women and/or gender. Applicants must have completed all requirements for the Ph.D. other than the dissertation and have a dissertation proposal approved by their committee.  GDF applicants must have a strong likelihood of completing the degree within the tenure of the fellowship.  GDFs must be continuously enrolled for the duration of their fellowship, and be on campus during the Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters of the fellowship year. Applicants are expected to be Graduate Affiliates of the Clayman Institute.

One to three fellowships will be awarded for 2016-17.  GDFs will receive a stipend of approximately $24,500. The stipend amount will be finalized by August 30, 2016.  The fellowships include TGR fees and 50% of health coverage for the academic year (Autumn, Winter, Spring).   GDFs are asked to submit a brief report (no more than one page) at the end of their fellowship.

Applicants submitting for a Clayman fellowship, prize, and/or award may only be offered funding in one category; applications in more than one category are allowed.