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Catherine and Rich Boyle

Catherine Marken Boyle, '88, and Rich Boyle, '88

Supporting the Home Team

Winter 2011

For Rich Boyle, '88, the journey to Stanford was an eye-opening experience. "My first-ever trip on an airplane was flying solo to California to attend Stanford," the Nebraska native recalls. Arriving on campus, he says, "I was just overawed by the place, and it completely lived up to my expectations." More than 25 years later, "I practically never left—I still live a couple miles away," he says.

In contrast, Rich's wife, Catherine Marken Boyle, '88, grew up near Stanford. Married in Memorial Church in 1995, the Los Altos Hills couple feels that Stanford is home.

An important part of their connection to the university is athletics. Rooting for the Cardinal "brings the whole community together," says Catherine. The couple also agrees athletics are an important part of becoming a well-rounded adult.

Last summer, the Boyles made a special commitment to Stanford and to the Cardinal by pledging $25,000 a year for the next five years to the Buck/Cardinal Club, the annual fund for Stanford Athletics. In recognition of their support—which helps close the gap between the athletic scholarship endowment and the needs of today’s student-athletes—the Boyles' gift establishes a Buck/Cardinal Club Scholarship, the athletic equivalent of a Stanford Fund Scholarship.

Each year, they will receive letters from student-athletes—a window into the impact of their support.

"To get to know a particular student makes it really meaningful," says Rich. He and Catherine look forward to many more seasons of supporting Stanford, both in the stands and through their giving—happy that they never really left.

"We're both thrilled with Stanford, and we want to help other people have that experience," she says.

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