Global Health Hangouts

Welcome to Global Health Hangouts! In this video series, we have a chance to catch up with our partners, scholars and friends across the country and the world who are making an impact in global health.  

Global Health Hangout: Conversation with Maren Shapiro

June 19, 2015

In this hangout, we’re speaking with Maren Shapiro who joins us from the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia.

Maren is about to begin her fourth year of medical school after taking a year off to serve as the Stanford-NBC Global Health and Media Fellow. In this unique fellowship, Maren the year immersed at leading media organizations learning first-hand how multiple media platforms can have a significant impact on global health work. Maren began her fellowship interning at the WHO South East Asia Regional Office in New Delhi, India, before coming to Stanford to take courses courses at the Graduate School of Journalism.* She then spent six months ensconced in the medical unit at NBC News in New York City working under the leadership of Dr. Nancy Snyderman.

Watch the video to learn more about her journey and how her experience in the newsroom will make her a better physician and advocate for global public health.

*Correction: Video inaccurately reports Maren took courses at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.