General Medical Disciplines Department of Medicine


The core mission of Stanford’s Division of General Medical Disciplines is total patient care. We are the doctors who provide primary, outpatient care for all adults from the healthiest who need only preventive maintenance and state-of-the-art advice, to those with multiple, complex chronic disorders that require painstaking attention to details that make it possible to maintain a normal life. When all best efforts at outpatient care fail, we are also the doctors who specialize in overseeing the world-class care at Stanford Hospital and at the Palo Alto VA. What’s more, we offer specialized services too—in the hospital, in our clinics, and in assisted living and nursing care facilities—for older adults, and those with special comfort care needs.

If that’s not enough, there’s yet another reason to choose your health care from the doctors who trained all the other doctors on the Peninsula: Access to Stanford’s world-renowned specialists. Our general internists offer the surest gateway to them all! And for those who already see Stanford specialists, we cover all the other aspects of total care patients and their families want and need.


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