Goodman Surgical Education Center

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Stanford Healthcare
300 Pasteur Drive, Third Floor, H3552
Stanford CA 94305
Phone: (650) 736-8735

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Operations Manager: Kate McGurk 

Administrative Associate: Jennifer Tran


Tours are available to school and community groups on the 1st  or 3rd Fridays of the month, depending on the Goodman staff and faculty availability. Please see our calendar for availability.  Tours must be reserved in advance. We request that tours are limited to 15-20 students.  Tours are limited to one per month.  

Tours are led by our educational fellows, who are general surgery residents between their 2nd  and 3rd  or 3rd and 4th year of clinical rotations.  Our fellows will talk briefly about the educational path to medical school and residency with a focus on general surgery and its subspecialty programs.  The students will also have an opportunity to practice laparoscopic surgical techniques in the simulation suite. 

Tours can start at either 3PM or 4PM and typically last 1 hour in duration. 

Please contact Kate McGurk or Jen Tran for scheduling and availability.

Please include

1st and 2nd Choice of dates and times
Number of people
Please include any specific topics you would be interested in having covered.  


Walking Directions from the Main Hospital Entrance: 

From the front of the main hospital entrance (fountain side). Turn left at the information desk and follow the main corridor past the gift shop and cafeteria. At the atrium (there are stairs and elevators leading down to the atrium or up to the Second and Third floors). Go to the Third floor (via stairs or elevator). Continue in the same direction you were going (turn left) and follow the signs to the “Vascular Center” and “Surgical Simulation”. At the overhead sign for the Vascular Center, there will be a small elevator and a flight of stairs. Proceed up the stairs, (if you need to take the elevator, there is a call button located at the elevator- this elevator is for patient transport ONLY and during business hours M-F). The Vascular Center will be on your left and the door to the Surgical Simulator will be on your right (there is a sign stating “Surgical Simulation”). Go through the door and the Goodman Simulation Center will be on your right, room H3552.

Directions for Delivering Equipment, Catering or unable to walk up stairs:
From the front of the main hospital (fountain side), take Corridor One (by the gift shop) to the East Corridor (GI Lab, etc). Turn left towards the cafeteria and continue past the Emergency Department, Radiology Department and Transfusion Services. At the end of the corridor turn left and there will be an elevator on your right. Take the elevator to the Third Floor. Turn left out of the elevator and go past the anesthesia offices. At the 2nd corridor (there will be a sign that says “Surgical Simulation” before the restrooms), turn left. Go to the end of the hallway (before the stairs and small elevator). Turn left through the closed door before the elevator. The Goodman Simulation Center will be on your right, room H3552.

The Goodman Simulation Center Phone main number is: (650) 736 - 8735