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International Students

Q. Where can I find information on how to apply as an international student?

  • A: The process is mostly the same as it is for U.S. students. The two areas of concern are international credentials and the TOEFL examination. Visit our page for International Applicants for more information.

Q. Does my foreign degree qualify me for graduate study at Stanford?

  • A: Stanford's assessment of a foreign degree is based on the characteristics of your national educational system, the type of institution you attended and the level of studies completed. A guide to the minimum requirements can be found on the International Applicants page.

Q. My transcripts are not in English. Will you accept them?

  • A: Yes, but the transcripts must be submitted with translations from your school or a professional translating service. The translations must be literal, complete versions of the original documents.

Q. My school's grading system does not use a 1-4 scale. How do I enter my grade point average in the online application?

  • A: If your school has not converted your GPA for you, enter 0.00 in the GPA fields of the online application. Your GPA will be calculated from your transcripts.

Q. Do I need to submit a financial verification form or other proof of ability to pay?

  • A: Not with your application for admission. If you are accepted into Stanford, carefully explore this Visa Information. Do not send financial statements in advance.

Q. Can you tell me about my visa options?

  • A: Explore the Visa Information available on the Bechtel International Center's website.

Q. What other resources does Stanford offer for international students?

  • A: The Bechtel International Center works with students, staff and faculty and their families on issues including immigration policy, academic and financial difficulties, transactions with foreign governments, English proficiency, housing, and adjustment to life at Stanford.