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Current Stanford Students

Graduate Students

Change or Add a New Degree Program

Graduate students are admitted to Stanford for a specific degree program. Students who have attended Stanford for at least one term may submit a Graduate Program Authorization Petition to make one of the following changes:

  1. Change to a new degree program in the same department.
  2. Add a new degree program in the same or a different department to be pursued with the existing program.

For additional information and forms visit the University Registrar's web site.

Reinstatement to Graduate Study

If you are an admitted graduate student who has not maintained continuous registration (or been on an approved leave of absence), you must apply for reinstatement through the Graduate Admissions Office before you can return to the same degree program. For procedural information and reinstatement application form visit the University Registrar's website.

Undergraduate Students

Coterminal Degree Program

The Coterminal Degree Program permits current undergraduates to study for a bachelor’s and a master’s degree simultaneously, in the same or different department.

To apply for admission to a coterminal master’s program, students must submit to the prospective department the following: coterminal application form, statement of purpose, preliminary program proposal, two letters of recommendation from Stanford faculty, and a current Stanford transcript. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores or other requirements may be specified by the prospective department.

Visit the Registrar’s Office website for additional information, procedures and coterminal application forms.