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Submitting Online Recommendations

  1. You enter the following information for each of your recommenders: name, address, email address, phone number, institution or employer, title, field/discipline.
  2. It is extremely important to enter your recommenders' email addresses correctly so that they each receive an automated email instructing them how to proceed with their recommendation through an online process.
  3. Mark the waiver statement for each recommender you enter.
  4. A complete application must have three letters of recommendation. There is space in the online application for you to enter up to six recommenders. However, your department may specify that they do not want to receive more than three recommendations. If so, the department will give that information on their website.
  5. If recommenders experience technical difficulties, they should contact our online application vendor by clicking on the link given in the email they received requesting the recommendation or by clicking on the "Help" link at the top right of the first page in their "Letters of Recommendation" account page.
  6. After your recommender submits the online recommendation, it will become part of your application.
  7. Each time you log into your application account, you may track the status of your online recommendations through your Activity Log.


  • If your recommenders will be submitting their letters online, enter their email addresses early and inform them that they will be receiving instructions via e-mail.
  • Instruction e-mails to your recommendation providers will indicate you as the sender, and have the subject, "Please submit your recommendation" but will actually come from CollegeNet.
  • Your list of recommenders is accessible from your Activity Log in your application account. You will be able to see if they have submitted their letters and to send reminders if necessary.