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Digital Business: Data, Decisions & Platform Strategy Initiative

The Digital Business Initiative seeks to empower business leaders by equipping them with the tools and methods to analyze data and make informed decisions in data-rich environments. We investigate management issues related to organizing and leading data-driven initiatives in business and government.

Latest Research

Susan Athey, Guido W. Imbens
American Economic Review. May
1 , 2015, Vol. 105, Issue 5, Pages 476–480

Researchers often report estimates and standard errors for the object of interest (such as a treatment effect) based on a single specification of a statistical model. We propose a systematic...

Susan Athey, Scott Stern
Economic Analysis of the Digital Economy (National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report). Chicago: University of Chicago Press, April
1 , 2015, Pages 443–447

This chapter evaluates the nature, relative incidence, and drivers of software piracy. The authors measure piracy for a specific product — Windows 7 — which was associated with a significant...

Lanier Benkard, Przemyslaw Jeziorski, Gabriel Weintraub
The RAND Journal of Economics.
2015, Vol. 46, Issue 4, Pages 671–708

This article explores the application of oblivious equilibrium (OE) to highly concentrated markets. We define a natural extended notion of OE, called partially oblivious equilibrium (POE), that allows for there...

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