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The economics area includes faculty that study a broad range of topics in their discipline, including economic theory, industrial organization, labor economics, macroeconomics, econometrics, environmental economics, and international trade.

The economic faculty bring ideas from economic research (both their own and those from the broader community of economic scholars) to the Stanford GSB classroom.

The group teaches principles of economics and statistics in managerial foundations classes, as well as applications of economics in classes on strategy, public policy, human resource management, global management, and other topics.

The rigorous application of economic principles permeates the MBA, Stanford MSx, and Executive Education curricula. The economics area extends its impact beyond Stanford by publishing, by educating PhD students, and by influencing public policy.

Recent Journal Articles in Economics

Renee Bowen
International Economic Review. November
2015, Vol. 56, Issue 4, Pages 1349-1384
Susan Athey, Guido W. Imbens
American Economic Review. May
1, 2015, Vol. 105, Issue 5, Pages 476–480
Jonathan Bendor
Public Administration Review. March
2015, Vol. 75, Issue 2, Pages 194-205
Nicholas A. Bloom, Carol Propper, Stephan Seiler, John Van Reenen
The Review of Economic Studies. January
2015, Vol. 82, Issue 2, Pages 457-489
Lanier Benkard, Przemyslaw Jeziorski, Gabriel Weintraub
The RAND Journal of Economics.
2015, Vol. 46, Issue 4, Pages 671–708
Taisuke Nakata, Christopher Tonetti
Journal of Applied Economics (forthcoming).
Journal Article|
Renee Bowen, Cecila Mo
Journal of Theoretical Politics (forthcoming).
Rebecca W. Hamilton, Zachary G. Arens, Simon J. Blanchard, Gerald Häubl, P. K. Kannan, Uzma Khan, Donald R. Lehmann, Margaret G. Meloy, Neal J. Roese, Manoj Thomas
Marketing Letters. September
2014, Vol. 25, Issue 3, Pages 305-317
Salman Arif, Charles M. C. Lee
Review of Financial Studies. August
14, 2014, Vol. 27, Issue 11, Pages 3241-3279
Qingmin Liu, Andrzej Skrzypacz
Journal of Economic Theory. May
2014, Vol. 151, Pages 2-29
Susan Athey, Glenn Ellison
Journal of Economics & Management Strategy. April
2014, Vol. 23, Issue 2, Pages 294–316
Nicolas S. Lambert, John Langford, Jennifer Wortman Vaughan, Yiling Chen, Daniel Reeves, Yoav Shoham, David Pennock
Journal of Economic Theory.
Jesse Perla, Christopher Tonetti
Journal of Political Economy.
2014, Vol. 122, Issue 1
Renee Bowen, Ying Chen, Hülya Eraslan
American Economic Review.
2014, Vol. 104, Issue 10, Pages 2941-2974
Journal Article|
Yossi Feinberg, Nicolas S. Lambert
International Journal of Game Theory.