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List of Past Evans-Wentz Lectures

I 1969

Holmes Welch, Harvard University
Facades of Religion in China

II 1970
Donald Monro, University of Michigan
The Concept of Man in Communist China and Chinese Educational Theory

III 1971
Padmanah Jaini, University of Michigan
Omniscience and Salvation in the Atheistic Religions of India

IV 1972
Frank Reynolds, University of Chicago
Cosmology and Salvation in Theravada Buddhism

V 1973
Joseph Kitagawa, University of Chicago
Religion in Japanese Culture

VI 1974
Joseph Kitagawa, University of Chicago
Religion in Japanese Culture

VII 1975
Stephan Beyer, University of Wisconsin
Religious Symbolism in Tibetan Masked Dance

VIII 1975
Vishwanath Naravane, University of Poona
Indian Culture: Its Adaptations to the Aryans, to the Muslims, to the West

IX 1977
Herbert Fingarette, University of California, Santa Barbara
Can There Be Life Without Suffering?

X 1978
Wendy O'Flaherty and Nancy Falk, University of California, Berkeley; Western Michigan State University
Images of Women: South Asia

XI 1978
Lee Yearley, Stanford University
Classical Confucians and Traditional Christians

XII 1980
David Nivison
Stanford University
Investigations in Chinese Philosophy

XIII 1981 
Frank Waters
Independent scholar
Symbols and Sacred Mountains

XIV 1982
Anthony Yu
University of Chicago
Pilgrimage and Allegory in The Journey to the West

XV 1983
Luis Gomez
University of Michigan
Three Buddhist Creeds: Approaches to the Interpretation of Buddhist Doctrinal Formulae

XVI 1984
David Nivison
Stanford University
On the occasion of his accession to the Evans-Wentz Chair
Golden Rule Arguments in Chinese Philosophy

XVII 1985
David Carrasco
University of Colorado
A Fearful Symmetry: Aztec Temple, Aztec Sky

XVIII 1986
Lewis Lancaster
University of California, Berkeley
The Rock Cut Buddhist Canon of Fang-Shan: The Making and Preservation of Scripture

XIX 1987
Benjamin Schwartz
Harvard University
Ancient Chinese Religion: Some Comparitive Perspectives

XX 1988
Anna Seidel
Ecole Francaise d'Extreme-Orient
Corruptible Body, Incorruptible Body. Substitute Body: Modes of Immortality in China

XXI 1989
Michael Strickmann
University of California, Berkeley
Apocalypse in China: Medieval Visions of the World and Its Destiny

XXII 1990 
Yanagida Seizan
Kyoto University
Early Ch'an and the Lotus Sutra

XXIII 1991
Gregory Schopen
University of Indiana
Archeology and Protestant Presuppositions in the Study of the History of Indian Buddhism

XXIV 1992
Melford Spiro
University of California, San Diego
Is the Western Concept of the Self "Peculiar" Within the Context of World Cultures?

XXV 1993
Hubert Durt 
Ecole Francaise d'Extreme-Orient
The Bodhisattva as Prince: Royal Ideology in Mahayana Buddhism

XXVI 1993
Lee Yearley
Stanford University
On the occasion of his accession to the Evans-Wentz Chair
Confrontations Among Religions and New Religious Virtues

XXVII 1995
David Keightley
University of California, Berkeley
"Reding" and "Riting": The Endurance of the Sacred in Neolithic and Bronze-Age China

Special Event 1997
Alan Cole, Steven Collins, Allan Grapard, Matthew Kapstein, Gregory Schopen, and Mimi Yiengpruksawan
A Symposium on Recent Work in Buddhist Studies

Special Event 1998
Steven Collins, Collet Cox, Janet Gyatso, Charles Hallisey, Donald Lopez, and Robert Sharf
A Symposium on New Approaches to Buddhism: Three Recent Works

Special Event 1999
Abe Ryuichi, Abe Yasuro, David Bialock, Bernard Faure, Allan Grapard, Thomas Hare, Hosokawa Ryoichi, Iyanaga Nobumi, Susan Matisof, Charles Orzech, Fabio Rambelli, Brian Ruppert, Sakurai Yoshiro, and John Strong
A Conference on Buddhist Priests, Kings, and Marginals

Special Event 1999
Wendy Donniger, Padmanah Jaini, Patrick Olivelle, Gregory Schopen, Fred Smith, Frits Staal, Kristi Wiley, and Liz Wilson
A Conference on Early Indian Religions: Interactions

Paul Harrison
University of Canterbury 
Buddhist Visions of Perfection: Interpreting the Earliest Sources of the Sukhavati Tradition

XXIX 2002
Victor Mair
University of Pennsylvania
Of Sheep and Goats and Chinese Values: The Seminal Significance of Ovicaprids

Special Event 2003
Ben Brose, Stephen Bokenkamp, George Clonos, Albert Dien, Monica Esposito, Bernard Faure, Donald Harper, Katô Chie, Mark Lewis, Fabrizio Pregadio, James Robson, Harold Roth, and Haun Saussy 
Conference on The Roots of Inner Alchemy

XXX 2003
John Strong
Bates College
Buddhist Relics in Comparative Perspective

XXXI 2004
Michael Friedrich
Hamburg University
Perceptions of Chinese Buddhism in the East and West

Special Event 2005
Edwin Bryant, Tracy Coleman, and Archana Venkatesan
A Symposium on Krishna in Springtime

Special Event 2006
Shemeem Burney Abbas, Salman Ahmad, Linda Hess, Scott Kugle, James Newell, Regula Burckhardt Qureshi, Lorraine Sakata, Natalie Sarrazin, Homayra Ziad
A Symposium on Sufi Music: South Asian Qawwali and Debates on Music in Islam

XXXII 2006
Timothy Barrett
University of London
Climate Change and Religious Response: The Case of Early Medieval China

Jacqueline Stone
Princeton University
In the Aftermath of the "Divine Winds": The Mongol Threat and Buddhist Re-imaginings of Japan

XXXIV 2009
Richard Gombrich
Boden Professor of Sanskrit Emeritus, University of Oxford
Fitting the Buddha into the Early History of Indian Religion

XXXV 2010
Leonard van der Kuijp
Harvard University
Buddhist Tantras on their Origins

XXXVI 2011
Patrick Olivelle
University of Texas at Austin
India's Oldest Writings New Perspectives on the Aśokan Inscriptions

Gananath Obeyesekere
Professor Emeritus, Princeton University
Madame Blavatsky's Visionary Travels and the Work of the Dream Ego

Janet Gyatso
Harvard University
Looking for the Human: Buddhism and Medicine in Tibet

XXXIX 2014
Richard Salomon
University of Washington
Retrieving the Buddhist Canon at Bamiyan