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CHIPS – Cross-disciplinary Healthcare Innovation Partnerships at Stanford - aims to spur the growth of new technologies and ideas in healthcare at Stanford. We do this through number of related activities. 1) We connect interested graduate students with key resources within Stanford and Silicon Valley. 2) We foster collaboration between students across all Stanford graduate schools through project based activities and social events. 3) We educate graduate students through informative seminars and direct contact with successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders in healthcare. If you would like to get involved or work with us, please email us at


CHIPS Steering Committee



Joseph K. Charalel

CHIPS President





I'm a PhD student in Genetics at Stanford School of Medicine interested in applying genomic tools to improve medical care. I'm excited about creating new opportunities for graduate students across Stanford to explore their interests in healthcare entrepreneurship and policy through CHIPS. As a graduate student I am working to apply computational approaches on genomic data to gain new insight into cancer biology.




Daniel Kim

CHIPS Treasurer, Past Co-President and Medical School Liason





I'm a fourth year MD/PhD student in Stanford School of Medicine (Biomedical Informatics) with interests in preventative medicine, cancer therapeutics/diagnostics, healthcare policy, and entrepreneurship. I've been involved in Primary Care Progress, looking at ways to make preventative medicine a bigger priority at Stanford, as an area that particularly needs innovation. I've also been involved in an interdisciplinary speaker series focused on a better understanding of the Affordable Care Act and empowering students to make interdisciplinary connections. I am currently involved with a startup tackling the problems of obesity and diabetes in America as well.




Arielle Yablonovitch

CHIPS Past Co-President, Treasurer and Webmaster





I am a fifth-year student in the Biophysics Ph.D. program.  I work in Billy Li’s lab, studying regulators of RNA editing in Drosophila.  Changes in RNA editing have been associated with several human diseases, especially neurological diseases such as schizophrenia, depression and autism.  My main interests are in “omics” and personalized medicine, and the mental health care system.  My favorite part about CHIPS is being able to discuss healthcare topics with people from different backgrounds and perspectives.




Junjie (Jason) Zhu

Vice President





I am a second year PhD student in Electrical Engineering. My research interests include computational and statistical genomics and related medical applications. I am also interested in synchronizing research findings and clinical care through public policy. As a CHIPS steering committee member, I enjoy having conversations on healthcare innovation with professionals from various backgrounds. Prior to Stanford, I studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at Olin College of Engineering.




Yi (Alicia) Yin

Vice President





I am a fifth year PhD student in Cancer Biology Program. I work in Professor Steven Artandi's lab studying the transcriptional regulation of telomerase gene in cancer. I'm interested in personalized medicine, especially genome editing facilitated stem cell and cancer therapy, and related public policy making and entrepreneurship. At CHIPS I have a great opportunity to bring passionate people from different backgrounds together to generate ideas for healthcare innovations through discussions and collaborations.





Albee Ling

CHIPS Steering Committee Member





I am a second year Ph.D. student in the Biomedical Informatics program at Stanford School of Medicine. My past and current research interests include medical genetics and electronic health records mining. In joining CHIPS, I hope to bring together people who share the same interest in healthcare industry across different schools at Stanford.





Henry Li

CHIPS Webmaster





I'm a PhD/MPP joint degree student. I am dissecting the mechanism of stem cell differentiation, developing Statistical knowledge for gene network inference and the analysis of massive, high-dimensional datasets, and studying the policy issues surrounding the pensions system and healthcare. I love CHIPS because it brings together people from many disciplines and backgrounds.





Joanne Zhou

CHIPS Steering Committee Member





I am a medical student at Stanford and graduated from MIT with a degree in Biology. In undergrad, I studied the neural mechanisms of memory manipulation in the Tonegawa lab, and worked in Washington D.C. in the Department of Health and Human Services to help socialize health data through an innovation challenge. My interests lie at the intersection of medicine, entrepreneurship, and technology, and I am excited to get involved in the world of healthcare innovation through CHIPS!





Neil Gandhi

CHIPS Steering Committee Member





I am a first year M.D. student at Stanford School of Medicine with interests in applying design principles and innovative technologies in the MedTech and Digital Health fields. I have a background in Biomedical Engineering and entrepreneurship and I look forward to working in interdisciplinary teams with CHIPS to make an impact in healthcare. Currently, I am part of the Biodesign Innovation program in order to invent solutions for peripheral neuropathy.






Laura Lu

CHIPS Steering Committee Member





I am second-year MD student in the Stanford School of Medicine with interests in bioengineering/ prostheses technology, regenerative medicine, mobile health technology, and education. I am also interested in better utilizing health data to inform meaningful health policy. As a Steering Committee Member, I am excited to facilitate cross-disciplinary interactions to cultivate novel insights in healthcare topics.










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