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VA Advanced Fellowship in Geriatrics

VA Advanced Fellowship in Geriatrics

VA Advanced Fellowship in Geriatrics


Program Director:  Mary K. Goldstein, MD

Associate Director:  Terri Huh, PhD


The VA Advanced Fellowship in Geriatrics Program is a two year advanced post-doctoral research fellowship for those interested in a career in academic geriatrics research and leadership. This fellowship offers outstanding experiences in geriatric research training, interdisciplinary education, and advanced clinical and program administration learning opportunities.  Fellows will have excellent opportunities to learn from and collaborate with national leaders recognized for their expertise in a wide range of topic areas including geriatric medicine, geriatric psychiatry, geriatric psychology, interdisciplinary team care, and health services research.

We are accepting physicians and associated health applicants. Physician fellows must have completed an ACGME or ECCOPT accredited physician residency program and, for some specialities, additional geriatrics training. Associated health fellows must have graduated from an accredited clinical doctoral program including all required residency or internship experiences. This includes clinical disciplines such as nursing, optometry, psychology, pharmacy, and social work.  For further information, please see

For application materials, inquiries and questions about the program, please contact

Dr. Terri Huh
650-493-5000 ext. 67739


Dr. Mary K. Goldstein

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