The Laboratory of Lawrence L.K. Leung, MD

The Leung Lab Research

  1. Identification of Novel Endothelial Cell Genes
    We are using SAGE and microarray transcript profiling technologies to characterize genes that are expressed in specific vascular beds and during endothelial cell activation. We will study their expression and regulation in normal vascular biology and in various thrombotic and inflammatory vascular diseases.

  2. Biology and Biochemistry of Thrombin
    We are using a large collection of thrombin mutants generated by alanine scanning mutagenesis to study thrombin's diverse macromolecular substrate interactions. The long-term goal is to understand the regulation of thrombin's prothrombotic and proinflammatory activities with the potential of developing novel antithrombotic agents.

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Location & Contact Info

The Leung Lab is located at the Palo Alto VA, 3801 Miranda Ave.
Lab phone: 650-493-5000, ext 68414