Hematopathology In the Department of Pathology
 Burkitt lymphoma/leukemia
 Burkitt lymphoma/leukemia

Flow Cytometry

The flow laboratory offers a full range of diagnostic tests for evaluating hematolymphoid disorders.  Several standard immunophenotyping panels are available for evaluation of suspected leukemia or lymphoma.  Antibody selection is typically based on one of these standard panels, but is then tailored to the patient's individual needs, based on review of morphologic findings and clinical history.  Other assays include PNH evaluation, lymphocyte subset analysis and CD34 progenitor cell quantitation.  Fetal RBC enumeration using an anti-HbF reagent will be available shortly, to supplement Kleihauer-Betke fetal hemoglobin staining. 


Specimens should be sent to:

Stanford Clinical Laboratories, Room H1501
Stanford Hospital and Clinics
300 Pasteur Drive
Stanford, CA  94305

For further assistance, please call the Flow Cytometry Laboratory at 650-724-2250.

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