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Carol Dweck’s Mindset

The beliefs that students hold regarding their potential helps to shape their goals, ambitions, and dreams. When students believe in their own ability to change, grow, and improve over time, learning becomes fun and challenges become rewarding.  If students believe that their performance is based on a series of skills that can be improved through effort and the right approach, they will tend to try and succeed in improving them. However, many students do not believe in their own potential. They do not believe that they truly are capable of success and growth. When students think that aspects of themselves, such as their intelligence or social skills, are relatively fixed and unchanging, they tend to be so. Remarkably, psychological research has shown us that the belief that students can change and grow with time, effort, and a good approach, also known as the growth mindset, can be taught and encouraged in students, and that these changes can be lasting and result in increased long-term academic and social success and individual well-being. Not surprisingly, the expectations that teachers and other authority figures have towards the potential of their students can also drastically affect students ability to learn and succeed.

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