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The Asch Conformity Experiment

The Solomon Asch Experiment shows how people are influenced by others in a group. They conform to what others do to a much larger extent than they think. For more information see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solomon_Asch

Dangerous Conformity

Demonstrates how conforming to the group can be dangerous in an emergency. Tells about real life situation where people died from behaving in such a manner.

Marry a Stranger

A random person is asked to be witness to a wedding. The minister, bride, and groom start to act like the witness is the other person getting married. The people don’t say anything and allow themselves to be “married” to a total stranger.

Don’t Eat Light “Candid Camera”

For more information about “Candid Camera,” and to learn about the collection of “Candid Camera” videos for both educational and home-viewing, visit: www.CandidCamera.com. (Footage used here by permission from Candid Camera, Inc.)